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This website is designed as a free resource for wine lovers who want to find out more about Argentine (or Argentinian, if you prefer) wine. Key features include reviews of Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and other wines, as well as more general information about Argentine wine.

Wines selected for review

Wines selected for review are those wines that you are most likely to encounter in a supermarket or restaurant in Argentina, and all of them are affordably priced. This means, even if you are a backpacker or traveller visiting Argentina, you should have no trouble finding the wines reviewed on this site and no trouble affording them!

Why the budget focus? Because there is no reason why you should have to fly blind when selecting a wine for everyday drinking. In fact, reviews of everyday wine are more critical - after all, if you are spending AR$50, the wine had better be good!

But at the lower-cost end, there are real bargains to be had. There are also medium priced wines that don't warrant their price tag. Argentina Wine Guide helps you sort out which are which.

Some of the wines, particularly at the higher end, will also be available outside South America. Use the Google search on this site to look for a distributor who stocks them near you.

A growing resource

Argentina Wine Guide is an independent, after-hours project for its wine-loving author. Reviews are added and content is upgraded on a regular basis. However, you can support the maintenance and development of the site in a number of ways: by telling other wine lovers about it; by using sponsor links on this site for your wine and related merchandise shopping; or, directly, by buying me a glass!

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If you like Argentina Wine Guide, you can help me continue to build the resources here by sending a couple of dollars to via Paypal towards my next review bottle! Contributions of any size, no matter how small, will be gratefully received. Thanks, and happy drinking!

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